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Overlay is the temporary infrastructure and services needed to deliver major one-off events.

Overlay is about being able to create a temporary venue by either converting existing venues or areas into places that can hold short duration events

Although overlay is temporary some aspects that remain in place once the event is over can leave a long-term legacy for the area where the event was held. Often products used in overlay are designed to be removed and be re-used.

The UK has a great reputation for temporary overlay, look at London 2012 where temporary overlay was used to create a venue against the backdrop of some of the most iconic architecture in the world. Temporary overlay can be provided in a fraction of the time and cost against a permanent structure and even as event time approaches, temporary overlay allows for a more flexible approach.

Temporary overlay is required to protect the assets when holding short term events. Some of the most modern stadium and arena in the world would not be able to technically adhere to specific operational issues when major events come to town, so temporary overly is required. Additional considerations need to include higher than usual footfall, higher profile attendees meaning more stringent security screen and search areas, additional staff and catering facilities let alone broadcasting areas. All of which need protecting even the most modern of facilities would need overlay to cope with the additional demands.

Temporary overlay of some description is involved in most major events globally and therefore it needs to be given significant consideration when the scheme is being specified.

Temporary overlay can be used as a cost driver in facility budgets against some of the costs of permanent facilities, for example a temporary venue will not require facilities management and maintenance costs all year round.

Overlay is key element in a long-lasting legacy plan. Overlay products removed, repurposed, and reused. London is a great example for this. After 2012 the Athletes Village facility became housing and has proved to be a long lasting a true legacy of the games for the East End community.

The Vaylia team has worked on some of the most iconic events across the world which required temporary overlay.

We have developed and designed systems to withstand hostile vehicle and crowd / mob attacks. We have incorporated vehicle entrance barriers pedestrian access portals and gates. CCTV systems and temporary intruder detection systems can also be added.

This knowledge and expertise is our legacy from temporary overlay projects.

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