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Physical security describes measures that are put in place to protect and deny unauthorised access to buildings facilities equipment and valuable resources In addition these measures also safeguard people when they are inside of the assets

physical security measures come in many different forms and are the first line of defence

Security measures are there to delay for a pre-determined amount of time, which should be inline with the level of response afforded to an attack. A perimeter security fence which delays for 30 seconds is not appropriate if it takes 10 mins for a guard to verify the breach, the assailant will be long gone.

Good security needs to be layered and incorporate not only physical measures but also technology and electronic measures such as CCTV and PIDS to provide a holistic robust system. More information on electronic security measures can be found on our website.

The importance of Vaylia being product agnostic means we are not under pressure to provide clients with a solution that is proprietary. Our strength is in our many years of industry relationships with leading providers who have invested in some cases hundreds of thousands of pounds in Research and Development of these systems. We match the right product to the right application.


These can be low level demarcation fences for example roll top fencing systems up to high security fencing systems made from wire mesh, steel palisade, expanded metal and Railing systems. Some systems incorporate a mixture of materials of these to achieve a specific rating.

Choosing the right standard is important and this is where Vaylia can help. We can review specifications of existing measures and even perhaps suggest enhancements (rather than replace) to existing perimeters for example physical toppings to prevent climbing. Alternatively, we can suggest and provide specifications and full turnkey delivery for a product which is more proportionate to your level of threat.

We have many years of experience in providing sound advice on perimeter fencing requirements having worked on some of the most critical assets and time restrictive projects in the UK. We have specified products that have been tested and approved for use on sites of critical national infrastructure (CNI) by the centre for protection of national infrastructure . These products are physically attacked by a specially trained method of entry experts and are graded according to their level of protection against attack. These products are attacked with tools such as bolt cutters at low level, up to and including petrol driven disc cutters and thermic lances at the high end.

Another commonly used specification is the BRE groups Loss prevention certification board (LPCB) SR rating systems. LPCB test and approve products across a variety of industries. They have been setting industry standards for more than 100 years. Their robust 3rd party certification demonstrates a competence by the manufacturer that the product or service you receive will be the same that was originally tested due to the ongoing audit procedures.

The UK has a suite of specifications in the BS1722 library. These documents cover the minimum specifications for systems to achieve.

Welded mesh systems

Mesh systems are very flexible in terms of application for example sports fencing and MUGA’s up to High security perimeter. Mesh systems are made from welding at an intersection 2 pieces of wire. This is done at every intersection to form a panel. Some panel systems are manufactured from pre coated galvanised wires which comes in a variety of trade names. Once the panel is formed it can be Polyester Powder Coated to almost and colour, but the standards tend to be Green (RAL 6005) and Black (RAL 9005). Posts tend to be made from RHS or SHS section steel and will vary in dimension and thickness depending on the height and prevailing conditions of the site you are installing the system onto. These posts are typically galvanised to ISO BSEN1461 or the post is manufactured from material that is pre galvanised. Again, these can then can be Polyester Powder Coated to almost and colour.

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